NEWS: (Press Release) Amalgamation of Tokyo Marine Asia Pte Ltd and Milestone Chemical Tankers Pte. Ltd., and Change of the Company Name

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Amalgamation and Change of Company Name

Tokyo Marine Asia Pte Ltd(TMA) will absorb the business of its subsidiary company Milestone Chemical Tankers Pte. Ltd. TMA will change its registered name to
“MOL Chemical Tankers Pte. Ltd.” from 1st January 2017.

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Stellar Wisteria

Stellar Wisteria

(12,601 DWMT) was delivered


STELLAR WISTERIA was delivered at Kitanihon Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

Gross Tonnage:7,912Ton

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Ginga Ocelot was delivered at Shin Kurushima Dockyard Co.,Ltd



MOL Chemical Tankers was established as a professional marine ship operator specialising in parcel tanker services for the transportation of bulk liquid chemicals, vegetable oils and animal fats in July 1972, and joined the Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. Group in April 1996. Our company celebrated the 40th anniversary in 2012, and has achieved the world’s No.3 position in terms of transport capacity via stainless steel tanks in the chemical tanker industry. We managed to build a fleet of 53 full-stainless steel ships to date. In October 2012, we transferred our head office of MOL Chemical Tankers group from Japan to Singapore, which is a premier global hub port offering seamless global trade connectivity.


Our Philosophy

Where there is safety, there is prosperity

Main philosophy and motto of our company is “Where there is safety, there is prosperity”, and as expressed, we consider “safety” as of prime importance. We also place importance on “sincerity” whereby we have obtained confidence from our customers, and then on “profitability” for both our customers and ourselves by performing with maximum effort and efficiency with our selected qualified staff. WATCH OUR OCEAN JOURNEY

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